Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to join us for a unique and historic event that will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on:  
September 29, 2016
The Geneva Global Pound Conference (G​PC) event is part of an international series of events taking place in approximately 40 cities and 31 countries.

The Geneva GPC event will take place at:
9-11 Chemin des Mines
CH-1202 Geneva
It will take place in English, with French simultaneous translation provided.
Meals and refreshments will be served, including an evening cocktail.
The GPC event is organised in the form of four sessions and discussions groups involving 5 Stakeholder Groups involved in commercial disputes:
  1. Parties/Users (e.g., clients of dispute resolution services, business owners, executives, in-house counsel, etc.)
  2. Advisors (e.g., lawyers, law firms, accountants, consultants, etc.)
  3. Adjudicative Providers (e.g., judges, arbitrators, arbitration centres, etc.)
  4. Non-Adjudicative Providers (e.g., conciliators, mediators, mediation centres, etc.)
  5. Additional Influencers (e.g., academics, government officials, judicial administrators, think tanks, NGOs, etc.)
Full participant engagement is embedded into these discussions by the use of PowerVote interactive voting technology, which can run on any smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Internet-connected electronic devices.  A special application has been developed that can be found here​.  Live data will be recorded and generated, enabling participants to find out whether, and if so what, significant gaps may exist between the views of these five different stakeholder groups.
The four sessions are:
  • Session 1: Party needs and expectations in commercial dispute resolution
  • Session 2: Current practices in commercial dispute resolution
  • Session 3: Obstacles and challenges in commercial dispute resolution
  • Session 4: Promoting better access to justice in commercial dispute resolution: what action items should be considered and by whom?
 The event is intended for all people interested in or concerned by commercial dispute resolution, whether globally and /or locally.  It should be of direct relevance to business executives and entrepreneurs involved in commercial disputes, company directors, in-house counsel, lawyers, judges, arbitrators, mediators, dispute resolution services provider institutions, advisors to commercial disputants, experts, trading associations, corporate associations, government officials, policy-makers, academics, etc. For ten reasons to attend Click here​​

  • Altenburger
  • Audemars Piguet​​
  • Caterpillar
  • Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affective (CISA)
  • DuPont
  • E-Just
  • Ferring
  • Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Services (CCIG)
  • Geneva Civil Court
  • Geneva Ministry of Security and the Economy
  • Gentium Law Firm.
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – Switzerland
  • Knight Frank
  • Nestlé SA
  • Omni Bridgeway
  • Ordre des Avocats de Genève (ODAGE)
  • Phillip Morris International (PMI)
  • Pestalozzi
  • Schellenberg Witmer
  • Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI)
  • Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)
  • Swiss Trade and Shipping Association (STSA)
  • Swiss Chamber ​of Commercial Mediation (CSMC/SKWM) (Section Romande)
  • University of Geneva
  • University of Neuchatel​
  • Voxia Communication
  • World Economic Forum​​


21st century businesses and organizations need con­flict prevention and dispute resolution tools that are fit-for-purpose in our modern economy. Litigation and other traditional processes are still expensive, time-consuming and can jeopardize business and personal relationships.  As businesses and our societies evolve, the tools utilized in accessing justice and resolving disputes need to evolve as well. This is the aim of the Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-17: to facilitate the development of 21st century dispute resolution tools at domestic, regional and international levels, through a series of structures dialogues around the world. 

Launched in Singapore (March 17-18, 2016), and ­finishing in London (July 6, 2017), the GPC Series will convene all stakeholders in dispute resolution (e.g., commercial parties, chambers of commerce, business executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, academics, judges, arbitrators, mediators, policy makers, government officials, and others) at local conferences in over thirty countries. It is convened by the International Mediation Institute (IMI), working with over 50 Global Partners and Global Sponsors.  The GPC Series is intended to provoke debate on existing tools and techniques, to stimulate new ideas and generate actionable data on what corporate and individual dispute resolution users actually need and want, both locally and globally.

Switzerland is a leading centre in international arbitration, diplomacy, finance, trading, banking, financial services, retail, engineering, life sciences, and is a regional hub for many multinationals.  It has a large, diverse and influential international business and dispute resolution community, an international bar, and is a preferred forum for business transactions and dispute resolution processes.  Its voice matters, especially that of its local business community, who is both regionally-and globally-minded.  The Geneva GPC event is intended to provide an opportunity for local and international businesses and organisations to discuss all forms of dispute resolution and what gaps may exist between supply and demand when it comes to commercial dispute resolution services (e.g., adjudicative and non-adjudicative processes) as well as possible ways of combining them. The Geneva GPC Event will consider what choices disputants should have for resolving commercial disputes locally and internationally in the 21st Century and how to provide access to appropriate justice systems for the future.

Be part of the Global Pound Conference Series and help shape the future of dispute resolution. We invite you to become involved and to attend this unique event in Geneva on September 29th.



​Fees include all conference materials, access to the voting technology, breakfast, 2 coffee breaks, lunch and an evening cocktail.

Become a local sponsor: Please see our sponsorship opportunities brochure.  Click here to view the brochure


You can also support the GPC Series as a local sponsor.  This involves helping to invite participants and key stakeholders to attend this important meeting though local mailings and promotional support activities.

For more information please contact Stephanie Heurtier, the Geneva GPC Conference Organiser:

The Local Organising Committee

Chair: Simon Roper
Treasurer:Birgit Sambeth Glasner (ALTENBURGER & ODAGE)
Coordinator:Deborah Lechtman (LALIVE)

Stefano Catelani (DUPONT & AIBL)

Vincent Subilia (CCIG)

Jeremy Lack (CSMC, Section Romande)